Breaking Band: Walter’s Flight


Breaking Band: Walter’s Flight is the story of an adrenaline junkie mouse who’s not too good at physics.

It was only once he was in the air that Walter calculated how strong a bungee rope he’d actually need, and it turns out a rubber band just isn’t enough. Help steer Walter through clouds and avoiding the propellers to slow him down enough before he makes a big splash in the volcano!

This game was made for the 2nd Indie Speedrun


In-game shot of the final version of Breaking Band


On other sites

Play the game here! (and please rate)


UPDATE: It is possible that Indie Speedrun do not allow you to host your game before their free play window. It would be nice if they could clarify their rules, but in the meantime the downloads and web player are removed.


Made in conjunction with Michael Frost

Music by DST

Additional sounds by: thecluegeek, lonemonk, Huggy13ear, cmusounddesign, kantouth, KarlSalamander, blimp66.

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