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August 4, 2013

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Udell Games' Hairball is a physics-based roll-along platformer starring Tim, a bacterium who has unwittingly been swallowed by Mr. Tibbles, the household cat. Tim doesn't like being inside a cat's stomach, it is slimey, it is dirty, and it will probably kill him. Luckily, the plucky bacterium has a plan: Tim will gather hair and fluff and bind it together to build a hairball large enough that Mr. Tibbles could never ignore it. Tim will sail to freedom on a ship of matted hair and stomach juices, but he'd better move fast because the stomach acid is rising!


Hairball was conceived, developed and released in 72 hours for The Arbitrary Game Jam #1, although it was more like 48 hours according to Nick, because he had work deadlines. This was the first time Nick - a self-described artistic catastrophe - had ever attempted proper art. Initially, the concept was a simple Katamari Damacy-like game involving a 3D ball of hair in a rudimentally modelled cat's stomach, however the choice was made to swap to 2D early on after initial concepts proved adorable. Additionally the protagonist, Tim, was originally intended to be an enemy design for the game, with no set living creature designed as the hero. Hairball went on to win first prize in The Arbitrary Game.


  • Physics-based rolling action.
  • Unique back story.
  • Cute vector art by a complete amateur.
  • Proof that any major project will be fine if left to the last minute.
  • Vomit sounds from a real cat!
  • Literally minutes of replay value.


Trailer YouTube

Indie Impressions YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    • "First place" The Arbitrary Game Jam, 4 August, 2013

    Selected Quotes

      • "This is a friendly game, and the visuals do a good job of bringing that to light."
        - Chris Priestman, Indie Statik
      • "It doesn't get much funkier than games about bacteria."
        - Charles Gbadamosi, TickTakashi
      • "Neat concept"
        - , The Games Inquirer

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      About Udell Games

      Udell Games is Nicholas Udell, a hobbyist British independent game developer who has been making games for his whole life - but only officially for the last couple of years. Sometimes Udell Games includes Nick's girlfriend, Rebecca Farley, but most of the time it does not.

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      Hairball Credits

      Nicholas Udell
      Game Design, Udell Games

      Rebecca Farley
      Muse, Sound Design, Freelancer

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks