Udell Games
Based in Southampton, United Kingdom

Founding date:
June 10, 2013


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Hyper Gauntlet


Udell Games is Nicholas Udell, a hobbyist British independent game developer who has been making games for his whole life - but only officially for the last couple of years. Sometimes Udell Games includes Nick's girlfriend, Rebecca Farley, but most of the time it does not.


Early history

Nick's first bite into game design came with primitively-coded text-adventures written in Logo at the age of 9, however it wasn't until the age of 13 when, under the alias ProjectX, he joined the development team for the UnWheel mod that he experienced the thrills of 3D game design. While his job description was strictly in level design, he often hounded the lead programmer with new ideas and quirks, some of which made it into the finished product. Unwheel was entered into the first $1,000,000 Make Something Unreal Contest and took home first prize in three categories, including Best Non-FPS Mod during Phase II.

Udell Games is born

After a long break to get a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Nick returned with several prototypes made using the HTML5 canvas. Quickly swapping to the Unity engine, Nick and Rebecca entered the Bacon Game Jam 05 competition with Fuse-Breaker, a timed stealth game where the player rewired electronics to delay lights. Fuse-Breaker came 48th, and Nick learned a valuable lesson in resolution independent instructions menus. Unfazed, Nick and Rebecca soon entered The Arbitrary Game Jam (TAG) #1 with the game Hairball, a cute, cartoony physics platformer about cat-vomit and bacteria. Hairball won first place and netted Nick the right to host TAG #2. Most recently, Nick has been working on HyperGauntlet: The Legacy of Nozzlethrust III (originally SpeedRun), a fast-paced, arcade first person infinite runner inspired by Super Hexagon, BIT.TRIP Runner and Wipeout. As a side project, he has been polishing Fuse-Breaker and building a procedural text-based rogue-like RPG called What Will You Do Next?.



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Awards & Recognition

  • "1st Place" - The Arbitrary Game Jam #1, 4 August, 2013

Selected Articles

  • "The Abitrary Gamejam enters its second month under Udell Games"
    - Jeremy Peel, PC Games N

Team & Repeating

Nicholas Udell
Game Design, Udell Games

Rebecca Farley
Muse, Sound Design, Freelancer

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