You’re looking at the new host of The Arbitrary Game Jam!

King Tim wearing his crownThat’s right, Hairball won! I’m incredibly pleased and proud, there were some fantastic submissions that made for excellent competition and I urge you all to check them out!

You done? Great! So let’s go over what will happen in the build up to The Arbitrary Game Jam 2: Firstly I’ll set up a page here for the next jam. It will start on Friday, the fifth of September, but the page should be up sometime tomorrow. I’ll also update compohub and set about promoting it properly so that people know it’s coming. The themes will go up on the Thursday along with helpful resources for entrants. The whistle will blow on Friday, the game making will begin with a fervour and we will all steadily accrue a monumental sleep debt to rival even the most seasoned of insomniacs.

Are you excited? Because I know I am!

Roll on September!

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