What I’ve been up to on holiday

Don’t worry, I’m not going to subject you to slides of myself in various wacky poses in front of inane objects. No, I am here to share with you the work I’ve done on a small game project while I’m on holiday, away from my main machine and unable to work on Fuse-Breaker or my other project.

I call it (tentatively), What Will You Do Next?

What Will You Do Next? is a text-based RPG rogue-like. Procedurally generated text-based worlds to explore chock full of baddies to fight and hardships to endure.┬áHere’s a screenshot of what I hope the end product will resemble:

Early screenshot of What Will You Do Next?

Most of the UI systems are done, and there’s a good chance I’ll have some bare bones procedural generation in by the end of the weekend, but it’s Screenshot Saturday, so I’d be remiss not to show you something, no matter how premature.

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