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Rolling dust on the desert hills

Remember those screenshots from earlier? Now check out some awesome rolling dust.

Rolling dust over a desert mountain

Not only do the particles cling to the mountainside, but they also move along the slopes, flowing like real gas.

Ultra useful Unity snippet for developers who use interfaces

Unity can’t serialize interfaces. But sometimes you want to have access to any component, as long as it implements an interface. They are incredibly useful in game development, particularly if you’re coding for reuse. So what can you do? There’s a fairly lengthy workaround. You create a serialized Unity property for a GameObject. Then you create a second property (this time not serialized) for your interface. You use the interface property’s getter to get a component from the GameObject property that implements your desired interface.

I found myself writing this fairly lengthy code so often, I’ve turned it into my own Visual Studio snippet. Since I use it so much, maybe you will too. The code you’ll need is as follows:

Obviously swap privateGameObjectName, PublicGameObjectName, privateInterfaceName and PublicInterfaceName property names with ones suitable to your situation, and swap InterfaceType to the interface you want to use. After that, usage is as simple asĀ  PublicInterfaceName.DoWhateverInterfaceFunctionYouWant()

Hyper Gauntlet updated to v1.0.1

Hyper Gauntlet header

If you already own Hyper Gauntlet, please re-download it from your store page, and please consider voting for us on Steam Greenlight.

The game has been balanced to be faster and more fun, and I’ve fixed an important exploit to do with Slow Motion.

Unfortunately, these changes mean your high scores are going to be different to those made in v1.0.0, so your old high scores won’t show up. They’re still in my database though (and they’ll still show up in v1.0.0 too, if you’re curious), and I have plans for them in a later update, but for now your leader board is empty once more. If you’re interested in the other changes I’ve made to the game, there’s a full change log at the end of this post.

In the next Hyper Gauntlet version I hope to have implemented an automatic version checker that will tell you when a new version is available when you load the game.

Hyper Gauntlet flying through red blocks

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  • Fixed slow motion regeneration not happening after a delay
  • Increased base game speed
  • Changed how level ups work, now there will be larger speed changes earlier on and less noticeable speed changes when it is already difficult
  • Added separate volume control for sound effects
  • Altered vignette timing so colours come in faster
  • Fixed initial obstacle sets after level up not being faster
  • Minor graphics modifications
  • Added three separate graphics levels: Good, Bad and Ugly. (Difference is mainly Anti-aliasing levels)
  • Made the game over screen keep the “Press esc to return to menu” text up.