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Screenshot Saturday! A few updates on my car game


Things are getting serious! The evil cloud of radioactive smoke is chasing you! Gotta go fast!

Explosion cloud chasing a car.


And we finally have a safe zone! Get into the tunnel before the cloud reaches you and you’re safe (for that level, at least!)Car rushing into a tunnel ahead of a fast-moving cloud

Rolling dust on the desert hills

Remember those screenshots from earlier? Now check out some awesome rolling dust.

Rolling dust over a desert mountain

Not only do the particles cling to the mountainside, but they also move along the slopes, flowing like real gas.

Procedural Terrain

I’ve been following the Noise Derivatives tutorial on Catlike Coding. I love their tutorials, primarily because they aren’t videos.

Anyway, I’d done Perlin noise before, but this method let me reuse it in a far better way than any implementation I’d done, so I heartily recommend you go check it out.

Some preliminary results:

Simple procedurally generated mountains

And a higher detail one with multiple terrain meshes:

More detailed and larger terrain

I’m looking forward to trying some 3D terrain noise (like I’d done before). Now, to voxel or to marching cubes? Decisions, decisions.