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Breakout clone progress: a level editor!

Fans of Hyper Gauntlet, worry not! I’ve just about fixed MonoDevelop and will be able to fix the remaining bugs soon. Hopefully you’ll get a new version sometime next week.

Over the last week I’ve built a rudimentary level editor for my Breakout clone. You build a grid of empty blocks and click on them to fill them with different coloured ones. It’s simple, but it works, and it all saves to a binary file of roughly ~1KB in size. This means transferring them to and from a server should be easy. So look out for user-created levels in the future!

So here’s what an empty grid looks like.

Empty block array editor

And here it is with a few blocks in it.

Partially filled block array editor

Leading to an eventual pattern like this. Just type in a file name, hit “save” and you’re done.

Filled block array editor

The great thing is that the patterns don’t have to be filled. You can quite easily leave some blank sections to aid you pattern. Additionally you can make them as long as you want. This would be best played in a classical setting, but I aim to have a long-scrolling game type available, similar to how tower defence works.

I hope to have a more in-depth article for you next week, but I’ve been very busy working and playing GODUS. That thing is addictive!