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Hello, Supershow viewers!

Greetings, Indie Dev Supershow viewers! Welcome to Udell Games, and thanks for checking out Hyper Gauntlet! If you’re interested in some of my other, smaller, less-polished games, here’s a list:




King Tim wearing his crown

Bohemian Political Upheaval Simulator 1618


SwapBox and how-to tutorial


Dinosaur Ranger Interview: Burrito Challenge SUPREME


I hope you enjoy your stay, and check back for updates soon 🙂

The Arbitrary Game Jam (TAG)

I’ll be taking part in the first ever TAG game jam this weekend! It technically begins at 00:00 GMT tonight (Friday), but I have a lot of real-life work to do tomorrow during the day so it’s unlikely I’ll be able to start until Saturday. Either way, I’ve got a killer idea that’ll knock your socks off, and I really hope you all enjoy it. I’ll set up a page and publish updates as and when I make them – so expect the site to be a bit more active than it would otherwise be over the weekend.

Alas, this means Fuse-Breaker’s taking a 3-day hiatus while I work on this. Don’t worry though, I’m doing well at quashing the few bugs remaining and, fingers crossed, hope to have a new alpha version up on the site by Friday next week! Go me!