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Local dev discovers one neat class to inject value types.

Programmers hate him!

But seriously, for most inversion of control containers, injecting a value type is a bit of a pain. You’ll get it, sure, but you can’t change it and have those changes mirrored back to where it came from. It is a value type, after all.

Well, no longer! Just use this class to wrap up any value type in a reference type you can take with you and alter to your heart’s content!

Screenshot Saturday! A few updates on my car game


Things are getting serious! The evil cloud of radioactive smoke is chasing you! Gotta go fast!

Explosion cloud chasing a car.


And we finally have a safe zone! Get into the tunnel before the cloud reaches you and you’re safe (for that level, at least!)Car rushing into a tunnel ahead of a fast-moving cloud

Procedural Terrain

I’ve been following the Noise Derivatives tutorial on Catlike Coding. I love their tutorials, primarily because they aren’t videos.

Anyway, I’d done Perlin noise before, but this method let me reuse it in a far better way than any implementation I’d done, so I heartily recommend you go check it out.

Some preliminary results:

Simple procedurally generated mountains

And a higher detail one with multiple terrain meshes:

More detailed and larger terrain

I’m looking forward to trying some 3D terrain noise (like I’d done before). Now, to voxel or to marching cubes? Decisions, decisions.