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Trixel animals!

Recently, I’ve been working on the trixel art style for a little pet project that is really just in the experimental stage (I refuse to add any code until I’ve released ZenCell and the next version of Hyper Gauntlet, and maybe my little rocket game, too).

But here’s my progress so far, my set-up is to draw a grid of triangles inside Inkscape and colour them myself. I know there are custom tools out there, like Hexels, but I wanted explicit control over the output image, and Inkscape gives me that.

A chicken in trixels. A scene with the chicken in trixels. A fox in trixels. A wolf in trixels. A duck in trixels. A hawk in trixels.

Screenshot Saturday! A few updates on my car game


Things are getting serious! The evil cloud of radioactive smoke is chasing you! Gotta go fast!

Explosion cloud chasing a car.


And we finally have a safe zone! Get into the tunnel before the cloud reaches you and you’re safe (for that level, at least!)Car rushing into a tunnel ahead of a fast-moving cloud

Rolling dust on the desert hills

Remember those screenshots from earlier? Now check out some awesome rolling dust.

Rolling dust over a desert mountain

Not only do the particles cling to the mountainside, but they also move along the slopes, flowing like real gas.