TAG #2 Signups

It’s almost time for The Arbitrary Game Jam #2! Themes will be posted here on Thursday at 00:00AM GMT and the jam will formally start on the Friday, 00:00AM GMT and end on Sunday 11:59PM GMT. If this is your first jam, you can read the rules here.

As it draws close, it feels prudent to allow people to sign up. To do so, simply comment on this page¬†saying who you are, whether you’ll be working alone or as a team, and maybe give us a history of your past games.

Sign up is absolutely¬†not necessary – but it is recommended to meet the competition and socialize. If you don’t sign up, all we’ll need from you is your finished game linked in the submission thread, which will go live on Sunday at 12:00PM GMT and will close on Monday at 12:00PM GMT. I will announce the winner and new host on Tuesday 00:00AM GMT.

I hope to see you all there with me on Friday and on Sunday, and I’m looking forward to judging some excellent games!

5 thoughts on “TAG #2 Signups

  1. Brendan LoBuglio

    Heya. I’ll be trying this again, I think.

    I’m Brendan LoBuglio, a game design student going to school in Los Angeles. I participated in the last TAG, but admittedly, I never submitted anything: an unanticipated situation kept me from working the last day, and I didn’t feel that what I had was interesting enough on its own. Funnily enough, though, I’ve ended up seriously fleshing out that project over the last month, and so you all might see a Hair Removal-themed game up on the Google Play store in not too much time.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the Jam this coming weekend. It’s nice to participate in a smaller-scale, more casual competition like this one.


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