Missed Hyper Gauntlet on the Indie Dev Supershow?

Well, now’s your chance to catch up!

I was interviewed by the awesome Man vs. Game on the Indie Dev Supershow, who managed to keep a coherent conversation going while racking up some impressive Hyper Gauntlet runs (and one bug found, yay!). It was a great experience, and the first time my ultra-posh voice has graced the internet airwaves. You’d be a fool to miss it.

It’s been a fairly slow time for me, as you may have noticed. I managed to annihilate my development PC over the Christmas period, and had to send it off for repairs. Turns out I’d fried the motherboard, and my processor wouldn’t fit the new one. Consequently I’m now rocking a pretty powerful new i7 and a large solid state drive. This computer fully boots Windows 8.1 before my monitor has woken itself up. Amazing.

Additionally, I’ve been very quiet on the article front. Sorry about that, it’s become very difficult working on Hyper Gauntlet while keeping the energy to write detailed blog posts. As such, I’ve decided to change my posting schedule a little. From now on you’ll get updates every Saturday (although I’ll probably aim for a time like 3PM GMT instead of this late), which will detail the progress I’ve made on Hyper Gauntlet, etc. Expect screenshots, videos, and detailed bug reports. In addition to this, I’ll try to post some more in-depth articles when I can. This draws the focus of this website away from the technical matters and towards the games, which is something I always intended.

So here’s a quick update: work continues on Hyper Gauntlet, and I’ve swapped out a few of the old systems with newer, shinier, more advanced ones which let me take control of the various systems in much more detail. It also means adding new features later will be a piece of cake.

All new features are complete, and all that remains is bug fixing. Not too many to go now. Expect a new build as soon as I’m satisfied with it, and then a release!

Speaking of releases, Noble Kale – a friend of mine – has just released his awesome rogue-like mining game Quarries of Scred on itch.io. The game is great fun and now you can get it for a discounted price, so what are you waiting for?

4 thoughts on “Missed Hyper Gauntlet on the Indie Dev Supershow?

  1. RaistlinZrg

    That make me remember, i just got my new arcade stick, and it could be an awesome game to play using it πŸ˜€ ! I need to try it now

  2. RaistlinZrg

    Hello ! I don’t know if you remember me from the reddit post where you wanted so feedback, but i’ve been following you and Hyper gauntlet on my RSS feed since. It’s awesome you had a game review with an live interview view ManVsGame πŸ˜€ ! That was an awesome interview, can’t wait to see the new Hyper Gauntlet version.

    1. Nick Post author

      Hi Mathieu, I do remember you! It’s been a while, I’m very glad you’ve kept following the project.

      I’m really excited with where Hyper Gauntlet is right now. The release is so close I can taste it.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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