I am a Social Media Giant

I now have a twitter. If you follow me, then I can twit at you. Like a twit, Perhaps you will twit at me and we can be twits together.

However if you don’t wish to follow me in the magical twitverse, then I understand, but at the same time must stress that there will be consequences*.

I also have a Google+. Some people use Google+, and if you are one of the lucky few, then by putting me in one of your circles (preferably something close, like “Following”, but not as stalkery as “Building a shrine to”.) I can give you updates on the blog. I imagine this makes sense for you, because you don’t know what RSS is. If you do know what RSS is, then my twits and Google+ updates will also contain random thoughts as they enter (and quickly exit) my head. So that’s something, I suppose.

* Those consequences being that you cannot read my awesome twits.