Hyper Gauntlet v1.1 – What To Expect

It’s been quiet on the website front for a while now, but I assure you that it is definitely not been quiet on the development side of things. Work on Hyper Gauntlet continues at a great pace, and I’m pleased to be able to announce the features you can expect in v1.1 – the first “features” update.

  • Hyper Sections – Every 3 levels the game enters an ultra-hard section. These could be incredibly fast, they could be incredibly dense in blocks or they could even be custom sections (perhaps spelling out a word or two). Completing a Hyper Section without losing a life is difficult, but the rewards will be great (although I’m still working on that).
  • Numpad Controls – New control scheme that maps each possible position to the numpad (and it’s configurable, so you could really map it to anywhere).
  • Low Contrast Mode – The high contrast of Hyper Gauntlet’s colours hurting your eyes? Turn on Low Contrast Mode to take it a bit easier.
  • Restart Mid-Game – Completely messed up? Just hit backspace to try again!
  • Update Checker – No more will you have to wait for me to email you when there’s been an update. Now Hyper Gauntlet will tell you when your version is out of date! Don’t worry though, you can still play out of date versions, but your scores will be segregated by version number to keep it fair.

As always, you can buy it now from itch.io or Indie Game Stand.

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