Hyper Gauntlet: Legacy of Nozzlethruster III

Hyper Gauntlet headerEnter the Hyper Gauntlet, an adrenaline infused manic dodge-em-up arena of high-speed obstacles and twitch reaction. Hurtle ever forwards through gaps between blue and red obstacles. With each obstacle passed your score increases, but so does your speed! Use the tactical slow motion to postpone the inevitable and rack up the high score.

Do you have what it takes? The Hyper Gauntlet awaits..

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Hyper Gauntlet whizzing through clear blue blocks Hyper Gauntlet flying through red blocks, bottom right corner Hyper Gauntlet flying through red blocks

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Hyper Gauntlet

Download Hyper Gauntlet

The current free version is Alpha 0.9


WASD / Arrow Keys: Move up, down, left or right

Space: Slow time

Escape / Backspace: Back


Full screen is strongly recommended


Hyper Gauntlet Windows 32-bit


Hyper Gauntlet Mac OSX Universal


Hyper Gauntlet Linux Universal


Music by DST

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