Note: This game is my entry for The Arbitrary Game Jam. It is the product of <3 days of work and you should not consider it a finished product.

This is the story of Tim. Tim is a rather scrawny little bacterium who would be suited rather better in life as a gentleman of leisure, such is his lacklustre ardour for employment. But Tim is not a gentleman of leisure, Tim is a bacterium, a bacterium who has just found his pleasurable Sunday afternoon spoiled by the oral attentions of Mister Tibbles, the domestic pet.

Luckily, Tim does not count stupidity among his laundry list of character flaws, and has already formulated an exit strategy. Help him gather enough hair to build a hairball big enough to cause Mister Tibbles to retch him up all over the floor and save his life, before the stomach acid gets to him!

Note: Some people have been experiencing problems with the Unity Web Player. If that’s the case you can download binaries of the game for Windows (x86/64), Linux (x86/x86_64), or Mac OSX.

Download on Softpedia

How to Play 

Roll Tim around the level, watching out for sharp chunks of bone. Collect the small balls of fur to fill your hairball meter. When the meter is full, you win!


Use the left/right arrow keys or W/D keys to move Tim left or right. Press space to jump.

Found a bug?

Given its very short development stage, it’s likely that there are some bugs. If you find any, or you have an idea that would make the game even better then please report them by following this link and categorising it under “Hairball”. I’m still working on the game, and I would be more than happy to read your bug reports – even if it’s something that seems obvious. You never know what I might miss!


Hairball was built on the Unity3D framework, using the iTween and ScreenWipes packages.

The soundtrack was made in a collaboration between Nicholas Udell, Rebecca Farley and AbundantMusic.

The following sound effects were used in the game:

Rockfall in mine, by Benboncan

Drain gurgle, by patchen

Tub draining, by phead

Cat purring, by mich3d

Wink, by bennychico11

Anything else was made entirely by Udell Games.


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